Thando lrg_96be00ed-74e8-4296-905d-68e9a06960f5_041405130429666After a discussion in the Kitchen, Thando andLola>retreat upstairs to have a hush-hush discussion about Vanessa.

Thando feels that Vanessa often undermine’s some of the other Housemates intelligence, the most recent example being MK. Vanessa is an outspoken and opinionated individual but it appears that her recent behaviour is getting on some of the girl’s nerves, Thando is particularly aggravated and has been told by her close accomplice Lola to not let it get to her. It will be curious to watch how Vanessa’s antics begin to affect her relationships with the Housemates (especially Thando) over the next couple of days.

There is no doubt that all the ladies in the House are strong women who are not afraid to play the game and verbalise their opinions so watch this space.